Network Security

Security is a Moving Target

Have you ever wondered how secure your network is?

With the knowledge that your network is only secure as your weakest link, and the fact that technology and the tactics and tools used by hackers are constantly changing, your security and defenses need to be reviewed and strengthened on a regular basis.

A security vulnerability assessment conducted by our experienced team of professionals will identify the threats to your network, one of your most crucial business assets. After analyzing results from a comprehensive network scan, risks can be defined, prioritized, and a course of action put in place to mitigate or eliminate those vulnerabilities and address potential industry compliance issues.

The process of maintaining your network security is an important element of your overall IT strategy. 

Take the first step towards protecting your data, assets, and reputation by contacting us to schedule your risk assessment today.

ISC also specializes in security risk assessments for healthcare (HSRAs) and helping organizations responsible for protecting electronic medical records attain and maintain HIPAA compliancy.


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